We offer a wide range of services in purchasing, supply chain and logistics. Always with a high degree of customization, to fit customer needs.

Supplier Consolidation

Reduce your supplier base by having Primetail take over supply chain for your non-strategic suppliers. Instead of multiple tail suppliers, we become a strategic partner. This allows you to focus on your strategic activities – while increasing control over your spend, and decreasing overall cost.

Your team of purchasers spends too much of their time firefighting. Tail suppliers add no strategic value in your supply chain, the small volumes create little incentive to maintain an active relationship. This leads to unnecessary risk in supply chain: invoices don’t match; shipments are late, incomplete, or inaccurate; lead time is too long; terms of trade are not according to your policies; claims are not handled efficiently; price increases and life cycle status is not monitored or managed. You need a more predictable supply chain, with a high on-time-delivery and controlled price increases.

Despite continuous tail spend management efforts, situations emerge for all companies, which makes it impossible to effectively manage the supplier base. Acquisitions or mergers are carried through. A production site or distribution center is moved. A new ERP system is implemented. You want to avoid creating a new tail of suppliers whenever these instances occur – and remain control over your supplier base.

Stock keeping agreements

Increase your delivery accuracy and avoid long lead times or uncertain supply, by tailoring stock keeping agreements with Primetail. We work according to customer forecast, and keep critical components in stock, to ensure availability.

You need to keep easily accessible safety stock to ensure availability for critical components. You should avoid downtime in production at all cost. However, it is not that easy. There is a cost in maintaining a fully stocked warehouse, and a cost of binding capital in stock. You need a solution to keep costs at a minimum, freeing up cash flow – while maintaining a high level of availability.

Spare Parts Management

Primetail manages your unmanaged spare parts, to be shipped directly to your aftermarket or production facilities. This includes keeping stock, as well as kitting, labeling and packaging in accordance with our customer requirements. We also monitor life cycle status to secure supply.

A large portion of your tail spend is connected to supplying your customers with spare parts. Some of these suppliers used to be strategic partners, now you buy odd parts a few times a year. Volumes are often decreasing and demand is unpredictable. This makes the supplier less likely to follow your instructions or requirements. Still, your customer expects a high service level and short lead times to avoid downtime in their production.

Purchase-to-pay Solutions

Primetail facilitates one-off-purchases, project purchases and invoice clearing with our purchase-to-pay solutions. We also assist with sourcing and procuring parts with no supplier set-up.

You have too many suppliers in your ERP-system. But still, you are forced to add new ones for one-off-purchases, R&D or project purposes. In addition to the administration involved with setting up a new supplier, they are more likely to create problems for your accounts payable. You need a solution to avoid adding new suppliers,which is flexible enough to deal with different terms of trade or hidden fees, but still gives you control over your spend. 

Cost Reduction Programs

Use Primetail for benchmarking your current suppliers, to see if off-the-shelf parts could be bought cheaper through us. Our sourcing network, experience in operational and tactical sourcing, and flexibility regarding MOQ’s and terms of trade often leads to significant savings.

In the past, you have consolidated by having existing suppliers, distributors or wholesalers take over assortment, which is not on their line card. You have successfully reduced your supplier base, but it is not always an optimal solution. Is the price you have competitive? Could these parts be cheaper if purchased from a different source or in a different quantity?

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